Time & Leave

SuccessFactors Time Off to manage leave balances and leave request, complimented with Time Tracking to manage the recording of normal, additional or flex hours.

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SuccessFactors time tracking solution can help organisations manage the time and attendance needs of all types of employees, while controlling labor costs and improving workforce productivity. The solution supports a flexible approval-based requesting of absence for both mobile and desktop–users.

Employee Work Schedules

The solution minimize administrative effort by setting up time profiles for groups of employees, which determine planned working time, overtime rates and regulations, shifts, on-call times, allowances etc.

The solution assist Time administrators to automatically add breaks into an employee’s schedule as to manage compliance based rules associated to taking time off in accordance with local labor regulations.

Time Recording

Time Recording include the ability for employees to enter

  • Additional time such as overtime and associated Time based Allowances
  • Normal time hours worked for Casuals & Wage
  • Hours worked for non employees such as Board members

The solution can be set up to based on the organisation rules and policies enabling alerts and error validations that speed up and improve controls around the time entry processes. Real-time evaluation of employees’ time data provides instant preview confirmation that they are being accurately paid for their time and at the correct rate, including overtime or weekend premiums

The solution allows approvers approve time sheets on their mobile devices, preapprove specific requests, such as travel time and amend specific entries quickly

The single employee view enable managers to review details of specific employee time sheets that may show abnormally such as high overtime hours

FlexTime Management

Enable Flexible working environments by allowing employees to determine their start and end times by establishing flextime thresholds managed as part of the solution, enabling employees to balance work and home life based on the hours that suite them best

Clock or 3rd party time recording Integration

The solution offer prebuilt integration with additional solutions from SAP and leading partners - import employees planned working time data from third-party roster planning tools. Use the integration center included in the solution to build integrations based on the required time management data

Leave & Absences Management

With the user friendly and fully integrated solutions.

  • Employees can view leave balances and request/amend or cancel leave requests
  • Managers can view and approve leave requests
  • Time administrators can review the Time Account details

Leave & Absences Balances

The solution enable the management of leave balances based on configurable organisation rules

  • Time administrator workbench manage all aspects of an employee’s time data
  • Time valuation trace feature gives Time administrators insight into each valuation step
  • Flexible workflow tools to configure, monitor, and enable the high volume time management processes.
  • Embedded reporting, such as time sheet reports, shows planned and recorded time sheets with the approval status
  • Imbedded analytics provides insight into time accounts and pay types provide business leaders with deep insight into the financial impact of hours worked and workforce trends, as well as potential risks such as compliance with local employment regulations.