We streamline Payroll using SAP solutions to enable a continuous pro-active and task-driven payroll process with consolidated real-time monitoring of payroll exceptions and dashboards

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Payroll Control Centre - the path freeing payroll users up to become validators - reduce time to process pay with Increased Payroll Validation Governance

User friendly self service functionality, complimented with a proven and robust calculation engine, empowering payroll teams to validate data and use effective controls to reduce risk and time in processing payroll

  • Employees own their own data, maintaining personal details, bank details, deductions, tax and Super, whilst able to view past and current pay slips online
  • Managers access to Team member data include the ability to maintain pay grades, base pay, allowances/ and approve Annual increases and increments.  
  • Payroll Team Leads and administrators use Payroll Control Centre dashboards to view alerts, assign tasks and process pay within the set controls.

Payroll Data Management

Employee Payroll Data management is the process to initiate, approve, request and or validate payroll data as a result of change events. Payroll data is defined as data required to calculate gross, net and tax details such as basic salary, allowances, taxation, superannuation, garnishments, loan repayments, overpayment recoveries etc.. Payroll data entry have the ability to change the overall payroll outcome, independent of the gross remuneration and voluntary benefits offerings that are contractually agreed or requested by the employee in line with relevant policies.  

Payroll Validations & Controls

Continuous pro-active and task-driven validation tools use Highly intelligent business rules that automatically identify potential issues Pre- and post-payroll that enable Payroll team leads to monitor Real-time alerts , view pay results throughout the pay cycle and assign alerts to Payroll Administrators for action

Payroll Processing

Payroll end-to-end processing include payroll calculations, validations and bank transfers as completed on a scheduled regular or ad hoc basis. Payroll runs are scheduled according to the payroll periods required to enable timely and accurately pay employees’ salaries to their bank accounts. Processing include

The solution provides the capability to make employee payments outside of the regular payroll runs. For small groups of employees the Ad Hoc Payment process can be used while for larger groups an off-cycle payroll can be processed

Payroll Posting, Reconciliation & Vendor disbursements

Post payroll steps enable effective validation of posting results, posting to Finance as well as Payroll vendor disbursements / data submissions.

Robust and accurate, SAP payroll engine used by 100's of organisations in Australia

Calculation Engine capability
  • Gross & Net Payment include base pay, allowances Time related payments
  • Super & Tax calculations
  • On Cost & Provisions Calculations
  • Membership fees, Deductions & any associated arrears processing
  • Payroll Tax Calculations
  • Month End Accrual Calculations
  • Garnishee payments

Solution features
  • Employee Self Service to Maintain bank details, deductions, tax and Super details
  • Manager Self Service to maintain e payroll base & allowances/ pay grades and manage Annual Increment Approvals  
  • Mass review and approval of payroll related data changes
  • Payroll Processing Dashboard and Controls with Simulations of Payroll Run, Payslip, Bank File, STP and Finance Posting
  • Payroll Validation Task Assignment with guided proposed solution options
  • Multiple payroll frequencies, AdHoc or off-cycle processing
  • Enabling Advance Pay and Leave Cash out
  • Providing tools to manage Overpayment recoveries and Loans
  • Effective tools and reports enabling End of Period Processing