HR Service Management

This comprehensive HR service delivery solution provides an integrated knowledge base with personalised HR policy information and direct access to the HR help desk by e-mail or phone.

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Employee satisfaction & productivity is directly linked to effective employee services

Integrated Knowledge Centre

The SuccessFactors Service Center provides employees with an integrated knowledge base that provides HR policy information and the ability to reach out to the HR help desk directly through the system by phone or by e-mail. Links are available on every page of the SuccessFactors, providing employees with fast access to their HR questions. The results are based on where employees are within the SuccessFactors system, information presented is always contextually relevant

HR Advisory Services made easier

Providing information and answers to employees when they need it greatly improves the employee experience. the solution enable a central place for employees to create enquiries and check the status of previous requests, saving time and minimizing duplicate requests. When employees have specific questions that must be answered by a specific HR team the employees enquiry is automatically routed to the right internal HR expert based on configurable ticket routing rules. The required employee information is already prefilled for the HR Advisor, giving these HR experts the employee’s information at their fingertips, helping resolve queries as quickly as possible. Employee information from across HR systems is now available to HR service experts  at a single click

HR Advisory knowledge base proposing historical resolutions  

Help desk and HR Advisory experts can easily find similar previous enquiries and use the embedded solution finder tool to look into policy information and previous communications that could potentially help with the enquiry

Service Standardisation and transparency

When an employee reach out via phone or e-mail, HR advisors can easily create tickets based on the phone call or automatically convert the e-mail to a ticket. This allows HR Managers to monitor workload and keep track of service quality.

The solution allows you to standardize HR service delivery using checklists, embedded satisfaction surveys, e-mail templates, and more, to help ensure correct and complete follow-up.

HR and Shared-service managers can use dashboards and reporting  to analyze SLAs, gain insight into potential bottlenecks and review the quality of ticket resolution

This comprehensive HR service delivery solution provides an integrated knowledge base with personalised HR policy information and direct access to the HR help desk by e-mail or phone.


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