Core HCM & Payroll Process Evaluation Tools

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Through the HR Crowd Process review Service organizations learn more about leading practice as to identify the initiatives required to manage the gaps and risks and establish the required governance, principles and frameworks to result in better data. HR Crowd Accelerators help the consultants facilitate these reviews

The HR Crowd Process Review Tools cover the following stages in the review
  • As is Process Review
  • To be Process considerations
  • Process Principles, Governance and Frameworks

The Process review Accelerator include the following Artifacts
  • Summary Listing of Common HCM Processes  
  • Summary of Common HCM personas and user roles
  • Leading Practice Processes Diagrams
  • Leading Practice process descriptions
  • Leading Practice variations and scenarios to consider in specific industries

The Process Review Accelerator include the following Areas  
  • Organisational Data Management
  • Job Framework & Positions Management
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Data Management
  • Employee Movement & Deployment
  • Leave Management
  • Time Data Management
  • Payroll Data Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Disbursements and reconciliations

Facilitated As is Review  

The accelerator include artefact that help the consultants  identify the following while they assist the Organization in evaluate existing Core HCM business processes :

  • Process gaps
  • Segregation of duty risk
  • Business Compliance risk
  • Effort Duplication
  • Time consuming manual steps
  • Process Dependencies causing Blockages
  • Single point dependency risks
  • Business areas with variations
  • Process statistics ie leave approval after the event, delayed new hires etc
It is critical that the organization can visualize the organization structure; and allow the all business users the information they need to perform the HR function they are accountable for

Facilitated Process & Data Governance and compliance Review

Using the leading practice template, the consultants assist business process owners to

  • Review process governance & ownership and identify potential areas for change and or improvement
  • Review process principles and identify variations or assist in establishing the principles to improve consistency across the organizations
  • Review process dashboards & status views for various personas and identify potential areas for change and or improvement

Facilitated Process Design (Optional)

Using the leading practice template, the consultants armed with the output from the as is and governance reviews can assist the organization process owners to consider the documented leading practice and armed the organization as is design to breach the gaps and mitigate risks

The Accelerator assist organization to understand
  • The better way to managing end to end Core HCM, Time and payroll processes.
  • How to breech any gaps to meet employer legal obligations to legislated authorities and any employment instruments governing employment conditions
  • Where changes are required to meet employee expectation
  • If improvements can be made in processes to assist in meeting the organation financial labour cost objective  
To improve the end to end Core HCM, Time and Payroll process can provide organisations the ability to meet the compliance obligations, but also improve the cost-effectiveness of process with improved experience and distributed workloads


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