HCM Solution Market Scanning Templates

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This HRCrowd HCM Solution Market Evaluation Templates enables our consultants to assist organisations to evaluate products, approaches and scope based on the defined organizational HR Roadmap. The approach and templates use the roadmaps and business drivers to set out a market scanning approach that will meet the business drivers, culture, business strategy and timelines.

The templates should assist organisations to shortlist solutions that will drive high user adoption and ensure a high return on investment.


The following diagram contains the high-level solution evaluation approach, timeline and deliverables.

A 'bank' of HR Solution requirements

The accelerator include a bank of generic solution requirements encountered through 25 years of HR solution evaluations. These are used as reference requirements by our solution consultants to validate that the organisations roadmap requirements documented contain a full set of requirements and not just known gaps and pain points

Example Tender Information document including
  • Sample Organisation Overview Formats
  • Sample Solution Objectives and scope overview template, including sample objectives and HR component scope definitions to use as a base
  • Tender Objectives
  • Sample Tender Indicative Timeline
  • Sample Tender selection criteria
  • Proposed Tender Respondent Meetings
  • Example Tender Validity & Negotiations guidelines


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