Connect with new hires right from the start

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Connect with new hires right from the start

Fast track Onboarding & Crossboarding with all activities in one place

  • Welcome to the organisation and or team
  • Providing Company or department Information
  • Enable New Hire / transfer Data verifications
  • Enable compliance form completion & submissions i.e. Super / Bank / Tax
  • Establish early collaboration with Key Team Members
  • Enable access to Learnings i.e. Induction online training
  • Establish & communicate cascading goals & setting individual goals
  • Provide Onboarding/crossboarding Feedback

Pre day 1 Onboarding

New hires are invited to access a personalised home page prior to their start date with an introduction to your organisation and the ability to update initial information, review new hire data, submit compliance related forms and receive instructions for equipment or uniform needs

When applicants complete the information, the hire status will automatically be transferred as an employee with minimal or no manual data management to establish the new hire.

Day 1 Onboarding and Crossboarding

New hires are invited to access a personalized home page with an introduction to complete Day 1 activities such as viewing their day 1 meeting calendar, review policies, starting online learning, sign outstanding documents and load employee photo.

Post Day 1 Onboarding and Crossboarding

Post Boarding activities include clarification of Performance Goals and assigning associated Learning Activities

Empower new hires with information all in once place, connections before DAY 1

Solution Features streamlining coordinators, managers and employees experience
  • Self Service Functionality, even before day 1
  • Simple user experience with guided instructions
  • Manager and onboarding coordinator access to set up activities and establish connection
  • Support collaboration between new hire and team member employees
  • Mass Onboarding Functions
  • 3rd party process integration using API’s as to enable HR associated processes such as uniforms, equipment etc
  • eSignature for New Hire Forms using SAP Signature Mgt by DocuSign


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