With the unified corporate learning management solution help your new hires, employees and business partners to conduct online learning to meet the compliance requirements but also develop and grow them to meet the potential and goals

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The SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution helps prepare people for the future with innovative capabilities to drive skills management, learning and development.

Organisation Learning Catalogue

The solution enable the creation of an organisational Learning Catalogue, provide access to learners to search, book and commence learning courses

Learners can leverage adaptive learning, like curriculum maps that guide learners to adapt to the learner’s evolving skillset

Managing Learning assignments

Skills-driven learning helps you match the learning opportunities to the right people. Through integration with development goals and career plans the processes suggest learning activities that match the goals, skills gaps or potential

Use the automated assignment functions to improve regulatory adherence and lower legal risk by automating compliance training

Learning Participation

SuccessFactors Learning empowers learners with virtual, collaborative learning by connecting with virtual learning rooms like Zoom, Adobe®, or Microsoft Teams to place learning in the immediate context of employees’ day-to-day activities.

Within the solution you can set automatic attendance recording to show item completion when users attain the attendance threshold.

Learners can view their own all their learning data in one portal including planned activities, recommendations, outstanding evaluations, recommended courses for business goals assigned, their certificates of completion

Personalized learning recommendations, powered by machine learning, provide your employees with curated access to ideas, topics, and courses uniquely tailored to their goals and interests, their learning history and that of their peers

Learners and instructors can launch the virtual learning room meeting from their class registration in SAP SuccessFactors Learning or via notification links.

Evaluations, Exams and Certifications

The solution provide extensive functionality to enable exams and associated certifications. The templates also enable instructor managed learner surveys and course surveys.

Solution features
  • SuccessFactors Learning offers learning content in a variety of formats, including desktop, mobile, and downloaded for offline work
  • Learning rooms with tied to courses where employees can access pre-class content, ask questions, comment and share, and enhance their learning experience
  • Learning communities that provide informal, topic-based places to network, connect with experts, and share knowledge
  • Collaborative workspaces that facilitate employee knowledge sharing in focused areas
  • Learning academies that serve as an promotion and communications platform for learning programs
  • Comprehensive certification and document management capabilities
  • Visibility into compliance training status and activities
  • Reminders and workflows
  • Compliance dashboard helps managers effectively monitor and control compliance trainings and processes of their teams
  • Enable external registration, external learners as well as the use of a payment gateway to enable registrations
Improve regulatory adherence and lower legal risk by automating compliance training