SuccessFactors Talent solutions enable Organisations sustainability and growth with an extensive toolset to uderstand current talent, known gaps and bench strenght. The talent planning tools help to successfully cultivate the next generation of talent and retain current employees by aligning thiere development an dlearning with thier potential.

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Manage employees with meaningful career development opportunities, close talent gaps, and nurture leaders

Enable Consistent Employee Competency & Skills measurement

Help organisations to Identify employee competency and skills levels with easy to use assessment tools that are integrated throughout learning, performance, development, career and mentoring processes

Enabling Managers and Talent practitioners to Identify competency and skills levels

Enabling hiring managers, recruiters and Talent development Managers to uncover hidden talent through organisation wide talent search that leverages comprehensive employee talent profiles

Identify top and lowest performers using a configurable nine-box matrix, objectively assess employee performance versus potential with a drag-and-drop calibration.

Use side-by-side comparisons of configurable talent cards to find the best succession candidates

Enable HR leaders to support talent review conversations with managers and executives through SAP SuccessFactors Presentations that enable live talent information views that can assist in senior manager strategic talent conversations

Grow employees with online Development Planning & Mentoring Programs

The development ln tools engage in frequent dialogue about development activities and provide employees the guidance they need through ongoing feedback and mentoring.

Accelerate development and foster growth with intelligent mentoring programs that automatically match mentees and mentors based on the known skills and roles.

Enabling employees to find alternative roles in the organisations that match the employees’ skills and interests by using the Suggested Roles capability.

Assist employee progression through Career Management

The SuccessFactors Career Worksheet Empower employees to proactively explore career paths, assign their own readiness against position criteria and address gaps through targeted development plans to prepare for future roles. Manage gaps with career paths that link to development plans and learning activities (through SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Understand talent gaps & manage Talent Pools & Succession Plans

The Succession Org Chart gives Talent Managers visibility into the organisations talent gaps, including key indicators such as risk of loss, impact of loss, and bench strength

Nominate internal and external successor candidates to key positions across the organisation. Understand the domino effect of proposed succession plans by using the SuccessFactors Succession lineage chart and modeling scenarios

Use talent pools to develop high-potential talent and build bench strength internally and externally to the organisation


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