Job description

SAP SucecssFactors Delivery and client Engagement Lead responsible for the coordination on=f client engagements from design up to hypercare

Job responsibilities

  • Establish and coordination Client Delivery Plans , Schedules and project environment
  • Coordinate communication, meetings and presentations with the client.    
  • Delivery Team Coordination
  • Go live and Hypercare Coordination
  • Manage the client relationship in terms of client satisfaction with respect to service delivery and program activities


  • SAP Solution Project Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Agile Project Methodologies
  • Test Approach


  • 5+ years Project Team Coordination
  • HCM Solutions testing Management

HR Crowd Culture

HR Crowd Employment Benefits
  • Preferred working from home - depend on alignment with the client  
  • Fast growling HCM niche organisation with potential for personal growth
  • Part Time options
  • Up to 6 weeks leave

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