Transform the Payroll Team from data entry to validators

Transform the Payroll Team from data entry to validators

March 17, 2023

Traditionally Payroll teams used to be larger with significant time spent by payroll processing data. In the older style processing we used to see:

  • Own the majority of Payroll Data entry
  • Be Single point dependent on processing day on individuals with the required skills to process the pay
  • Use several manual checklist to validate that control checks prior, during and post processing has been completed.
  • Used several manual reports to perform these validation checks .
  • The reports used during the process were packaged up and stored in records management system.
  • The most critical validation, the Payroll period to period Net caparison, used to be time sensitive as it can only be performed after the pay has been released for processing, Therefore allowing limited time to perform extensive checks.

Move to the new world in Payroll Solutions where Payroll Administrators transform from data entry administrators to  validators, freeing their time to add valuable employee services

Trends in the Payroll world are moving away from single point dependent, batch-style payroll processing to:

  • a continuous pro-active payroll validation process
  • A services orientated validation process where checks are spread across the cycle with a large team to plan the typical unknown workloads
  • A dashboard style consolidated real-time monitoring of payroll exceptions and embedded analytics,
  • Enabling simulated results prior to processing to identify issues early, displaying these with status workload views and next steps roadmaps,
  • Empowering Payroll team leads to distribute tasks across Payroll Team Members to reduce single point dependency and improve the opportunity to close issues before the next pay
  • allowing the acceptance of variations identified with reason descriptions and date stamps to increase control and auditability
  • Enabling a intuitive user interface, even for the payroll processors

If you yet to make the leap to a modern Payroll, Talk to Us, we can help identify the gaps and changes required, assist you in implementing changes .